Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Veggie Jars

Salads can be hard to eat.
Not only can they be boring at times but they can be a hassle to make.
So much prep time for something that doesn't always fill you up.

So I decided that if I am going to eat a salad everyday, or week, I need a little help.
Here is a peak inside my fridge.
Isn't it beautiful!?
Not sure if you knew this, but...
They are so useful.

Only one day of prepping and I am set for a week or so.
All I have to do is throw some spinach on a plate and pour the veggie of my choice.
I have found that I turn to a salad more often now because it is super fast.

What do you do save time in the kitchen?


  1. The jar idea for salads is great! I love salads, and this would make eating them a lot easier.

    Oh--I know Ashley and she posted a link to your blog so that is how I got here! haha =0)

  2. And to save time in the kitchen I will prepare a full recipe and then freeze half of it so I don't have to spend time making a dinner when I am busy!

  3. Your blog is super cute! So sad you're gone :( I'll have to go visit Erin to see how the shirts turned out. Hope you make it back to Florida soon!

  4. Love that idea. I agree that salads are a hassle to make so I don't eat them often enough. Having a salad bar ready to go to any time is great!!

  5. I cut up veggies ahead of time too when I am on top of things. But I don't store them in cute jars like you do. I guess I need more jars:)

  6. Love the idea of freezing meals! thank you for your comment and awesome suggestion.

  7. oooh I adore jars too! thanks for this awesome idea!