Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Well I am home.
Coming home always feels good, until I wake up a realize all my luggage is still on the floor and will be until I put everything away. Depressing.

And coming home always makes me realize that I have WAY to much stuff.
If I can live out of one suitcase I certainly don't need clothes enough to fill two closets, and stuff everywhere!
How do I have so much stuff? And where did I get it all? I wonder how much money I have spent total on all this stuff? I have lost my appetite for shopping.

And I am not going to lie, I miss Florida so much...perhaps a little too much.
My brother has the best set up. A gorgeous home, so neat and organized(something I fear I will never accomplish), with a pool, gym, tennis courts, playground, and field all right next door.
My heart aches just thinking about it.
Someday I will live the life my brother lives.
I hope.

For now I am taking it nice and easy, getting back in the groove of running a house and actually having wifey responsibilities. blah!

I will post something more interesting soon, once I am settled.
wish me luck.
hope to see you around.

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  1. Oh you are too kind! Organized? We loved having you here. The set up is 100x more perfect with family to share it with:)