Welcome to Drinking From Jars.

I am taylor and I love to drink from jars.
kinda goofy huh?
I can't help it. I love the look, feel and how everything tastes so much better coming out of a fancy jar.
What can I say? They make me happy.

I have a passion for all the "ings" of homemaking and motherhood - cooking, crafting, cleaning, organizing, thrifting, playing...The list goes on and on. Especially since I can turn practically anything into an "ing". I am a mother of one, a wife of one and love to be honest. Perhaps a little too honest. And there is a chance that my talent of psycho-analyzing everything really isn't a talent and is a curse but for now it hasn't come back to bit me too hard...yet. I love to be girlie, secretly and a good tickle fight can get me out of any bad mood. Come with me on my journey as I people watch and do everything ing. A perfect combination of activities for any day of the week.

Hope to see you around.