Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Where have I been all this time? It has been a long time since I have posted.
I figured you may be worrying about little ole me, so I thought I would calm your fears.

I am in florida!
My brother flew me out to visit my new little niece.
(I know, I have the greatest brother ever!)

I surprised my sister-in-law and couldn't say anything online about my trip.
Now that I am here I have been having SO much fun. Too much to fun to even blog, which is how life should be.

I am living the life.
Especially here with my brothers perfect set up. A pool, park, playground, gym, and tennis courts all a stones throw away.

We have been painting, running, swimming, cooking, swaddling, walking, and planning (for thanksgiving).
It has been perfect, so perfect I can't write anymore because we are off to the beach.

Hope your having a fun day.
See you around.

Post to come - organizing salads, peach pie, and a new hair curling technique.

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