Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am proud to say that I have found the best way to curl hair!
I have been looking for an easy way to curl my hair,
and have finally found it.
No heat, no hassle, beautiful curls!

I love having long hair, but don't always have the energy to keep it up and when I get sick of doing it or run out of easy styles I end up cutting it super short and regret it.

I feel so excited about this find and use it all the time. It takes 5 minutes and my curls the next day feel so soft and natural.

All you need are 3 socks!

How to:
1. Slightly dampen your hair. It may take you a couple of tries to find the right dampness. My second try was way too wet and didn't dry by the morning.
2. Divide your hair into 3 sections. top, right, left.
3. Starting with the top, roll the end of your hair around the sock and continue the roll until you reach your head, this should be a similar roll to one used with hot rollers. Once you reach your head simply tie your sock.
4. Do the same with your other two sections and go to sleep.
5. In the morning remove your socks and finger comb through your curls. (make sure your hair is totally dry before removing socks). Products I love with these curls - dove hairspray, and herbal essence shine serum.

Hope this technique works for you.
See you around.


  1. How smart and easy. Your hair is gorgeous--I guess that helps huh? Way to go Tay. Love this blog!

  2. I've tried so many of these no heat curling techniques- this one looks like it actually works!!

  3. Oh my gosh haha this is hilarious! I can't believe your hair is from socks! Your hair looks like it was curled with a curling iron!!! OMG. Heyyy and you can still write a guest post whenevs for me :) AND YES I remember sitting with you and Celestine at the BYU games...GOOD MEMORIES! I can't believe it has been so long since that happened!

  4. taylor i'm so impressed with your creativity and crafty-ness. you are so awesome! your hair is beautiful by the way. where are you guys going to be for christmas?

  5. Your hair is beautiful! What a great idea! I love your blog!