Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Dinner

I love Sundays!
I love dresses, good food, and family time.
Yup! Today I had family over for dinner.
It was so much fun!
I have been envisioning dinner outside and the weather was perfect so I went for it.

Just as I imagined it!

We ate cashew crusted fish with white basmati rice, a salad, and a yummy tomato squash zucchini melody. All served with a dill sauce and olive lemon dressing.

cashew crusted fish

fresh salad

tomato squash zucchini melody

The atmosphere outside set the mood for the entire meal.
We had a blast pretending to be fancy English ladies.
Drinking with our pinkies up, napkins tapping the corner of our lips,
and lots of skipping...of course.
What is a fancy meal without skipping? right?

After we cleaned up, we watch Tangled outside on the porch with a bowl of popcorn.
What a perfect evening.

p.s. I noticed some new friends following my blog.
I hope to see you around.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! What a beautiful meal with ideal surroundings and beloved companionship. Your energy love and creativity come through the elegant photography. You are a treasure Tay. How blessed we are to have your example and spirit to refresh us!