Monday, August 15, 2011

Organization: Fridge

Today I have decided to organize my life.
A task I am not sure if I want to take on. The hope is to be organized now so that when we move in four months it won't be such a headache. Although a lot of my organizing consists of me buying more stuff. Ah!

Luckily this project combined a few things I had already. I love it when that happens. And I wish I had a before picture of the fridge because it was a mess. Coupons, engagements, do to list, phone numbers, all taped to the side of the fridge. From top to bottom. After a half hour of work I transformed that mess (mental image of the clutter) to this-

I think it looks quite lovely. And I love the color, so lucky I found it in my garage.

What I did:
I found this magnet board I bought over a year ago 1/2 off at Robert and painted a thin coat of white acrylic paint. Then I used this awesome mustard yellow (spray paint) to add some color, only one coat.
For the hanging, I screwed two hooks into the back and looped white silk ribbon through handles above the fridge.


  1. this makes me SO happy!!!!!! I can't believe all the projects you've done! you are very inspiring, and cute and funny. i love this blog. thank you for doing it. i miss you!!!!!

  2. That looks so orderly and finished. You amaze me with your artistic talent and energy. I just love seeing what you come up with daily. YOU GO GIRL!

  3. I love the color. That side of the fridge looks so nice. That's neat that you had al those things lying around the house.