Friday, September 2, 2011

Oil Dispenser Update

Turns out that I did not like how my oil dispenser turned out.
Every time I walked into the kitchen I thought
"yuck. That looks like something I made in 3rd grade."
Has that ever happened to you?
And why didn't you tell me! You guys are just too sweet and supportive.

So I decided that I would let it sit there until I was inspired with a new look.
I am happy (for now) with how this turned out. And who knows maybe it will change again for the better.

Picture frames instead of chalk board.

Love that angle.

And that one.
For a before click here.

Looks better right?
You can be honest.
Maybe my first one was better.

My brother told me he liked it but it didn't match the house, which I agree with. But it will match our next place when I can use more of my designs.

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