Monday, August 15, 2011

Happening Upon A Rainstorm

Tonight I went for a little bike ride with my family.
I love bike rides.
We went to the dollar store, which was a good distance away.
On the way I remembered that I forgot my wallet. Luckily I had something to return to a near by store and they gave me cash back!
Hooray for having $6.43 to spend at the dollar store.
Guess what my total came to?
whoop whoop!
Then on the way home it started to pour.
My hubby was a little worried about our daughter but I was ecstatic!
"I'm riding in the rain! Just riding in the rain!"
That is me singing to the tune of singing in the rain.
So fun!
It even started to hail a little.
The best adventure of the day.
When I got home my daughter and I took a hot bath together.
Lovely memories.


  1. So CUTE! Taylor you are such a sweet happy woman! I love imagining you riding and singing in the rain.

  2. I can just picture this event and wish I had been there with you. It's the little unexpected moments that make life so beautiful. I love your ability to savor childlike wonders.