Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I had so much fun getting dressed up this year!
Thanks to my wonderful hubby (who gave me the idea) we dressed up as
Jack and Jill and a pail of water.

The entire costume cost me $2!
A price that made the entire night so much more fun.

We had dinner in a pumpkin with family then went to a Halloween block party with more family.
I am so sad to think of moving away from all my family.
They make life so much for full and rich.

side note: I have the greatest husband ever!
I mean look at that sweet guy.
Willing to get dressed up and walk around with me.
I owe him big time.

What were you for Halloween?
Which is better - eating all your candy in one night?
eating one candy a day until you run out?


  1. Taylor, what a creative idea! I love it!!! Your family is adorable.

  2. Cute costumes! I love eating a couple candies each day! =)

  3. You win most original! You are the cutest family. I am so grateful for you.