Friday, October 21, 2011


I love fresh roses. A new love really.
I used to hate getting flowers.
They just die and then I feel bad throwing them away because someone spent money on them and so I keep the dead flowers in the vase with the yuck water until all the peddles have fallen off.
But now that I have a rose garden outside my kitchen window I have found a new love.

It is even better when your husband cuts them fresh from the garden and puts them in a super cute vase on your night stand for you to wake up to.

Has that ever happened to you?
Me neither.
A girl can dream right?

So. After waking up to a very empty night stand I decided to step in for my hubby.
I know he was thinking about doing it. He is sweet that way.

Here is where they are now,
and tonight I will put them on my nightstand again to wake up to.
Maybe my hubby will leave a sweet note tonight. ;)

What made you happy today?


  1. Those are beautiful flowers! I would love to have some of those outside my kitchen window!

  2. Hope he reads your blog! Again, great photos. I love this blog!!! Love you too!!!! What made me happy today was going to all three primary programs at 9 11 and 1 Everybody did fantastic. Za, Robby, Natalie and Maddox sang like angels, knew all the words and did their parts great. Belle stole the show with a solo of "I Can Follow God's Plan" What a great day!

  3. What makes me happy is skyping with you and getting to see Kalei too. I love it when she recognizes me and tries to give me kisses. I miss her putting out her hands to have me pick her up and hearing her say NANA. Wish we lived closer. Love the roses too.