Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Black Dress

So I have been going through my closet, trying to mentally prepare myself for our inevitable move in 3 months and realized that I have SO many clothes.

Among all those clothes 27 skirts!
And I am not even going to tell you how many dresses I have.
Ridiculous right?
I know.

But in my defense I have made at least 7 and have found half of the rest at thrift stores.
Still that is a lot.
And a lot of my dresses and skirts are from high school. I have a serious issue with throwing things away. (one reason why I am dreading this move so much)

One of my dresses is zebra print.
Not sure what I was planning on doing with that one.
Another one (black), I had only worn once.
Sad huh? Poor dress.

I have to throw it away. My mom would be mortified. I have been holding onto a dress for 4-5 years! But the idea of it is so cute, I can't just throw away a perfectly good dress that I won't ever wear....
...So while justifying why I still need it (to avoid wasting a dress)
I came to the magical solution of using it to make a dress for my daughter.

I think it turned out pretty good.
I figure if I don't like it on her, I can just toss it.
I don't have as many issues with throwing away her clothes.

Do you have any clothes you can't part with but never wear?

Hope to see you around!


  1. That turned out cute! And I hate throwing away clothes too so I always send them to DI!

  2. SAME WITH ME! Haha....that is why I go through phases of selling stuff on least I get a little money or Plato's Closet! But I feel like they are giving you less and less money for them these days. Cute dress!!!

  3. I love how everything you do is practical and beautiful. You don't let anything stop you. What great traits!