Friday, September 16, 2011


Awesome g.n.o. (girls night out) I just love good quality, fun girl time.

I felt bubbly and revived afterwards. Girlfriends can do that to you.
We talked about kids, food, cleaning, movies, and being moms.
wow! Am I really in this stage?!
Who knew one upping each other with stories could be so fun!

I caught myself fake laughing in the bathroom mirror when I got home. hahaha!
I gotta see what I looked like right?! Make sure I wasn't making a fool of myself.
You know you've done it.

My in-laws suggested I have a g.n.o. every night because of my hyper happiness. But I think the energy came from my excitement for the peach ice cream I was making and mentalist I had taped. Turned out my ice cream was a smoothie and my show was old. darn! I came down from that cloud real fast. (name that movie!)

Can't wait for my next g.n.o.
Wanna join me? We can practice laughing on the way.


  1. Um I so miss g.n.o's with all the baseball wives!!! I haven't had one, in forever here in Colorado! Most of my friends have moved away and now I moved away from most at BYU!!! Sad!

  2. I have a g.n.o. coming up at the Shumways. Should be interesting. Special guest is Merv Kitashima (2003 National Mother of the Year)
    She will speak on "Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands"

  3. I love gno! Natalie has caught on to them and asks for one regularly. They're good for the soul.